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Good Eats

Alton Brown has a wonderfully thorough approach to food and gives the autodidactic chef a valuable insight in the chemistry of food and cooking.
For me, he is also the go to guy for a sneak peak into american cooking and the adaptations americans have made to the dishes the europeans, africans and asians brought to the US.

Jamie Oliver

I have always had a soft spot for the Essex boy with a lisp. He just want to make good food easy and accessible for every one.
I have followed his food revolution programs back home and over here. I loved the programs about England and even though it was interesting (and horrifying) to see the american school lunches I hated the platform of the us program and all the drama that were build up 5 - 6 in every episode.
I think I am to much of a documentary kind girl for that kind of shows ;)
But don't let that keep you from enjoying all his wonderful recipes - I can especially recommend his 30-minute meals even though I think 45 minutes are more realistic if you don't know the recipe by heart.

Community Shared Agruculture

That wonderful concept that I have already praised in the first few posts of this blog.
I would love to see CSA's in Denmark!
There is something wonderfully "feel good inside", connected to the local farmer, sustainable food and "remind me of the good old days" over picking up your fresh produce directly at the farm and wondering the herb garden when the sun is shining.
I don't know when the good old days really was but it is how I imagine it.
For those who has not seen my old post on this concept it is very simple. You by a share in a farm before season starts.
This gives the farmer cash at a time where he has to invest in seed and equipment as well as a specific number of people that want his produce that again makes makes out for less waste and over production.

This show is a perfect example of what the americans do best when it comes to cooking. The total disregard of tradition, moderation and portion control. I really mean this is the nicest way!
They have nothing holding them back and throw themselves into whatever they feel like. Even though Haute Cuisine Chefs always push the envelope and are very very creative, but these are normal people with small restaurants and present more homie meals.
Great fun and I have promised my husband that I will make as many recipes from the United States of Bacon episode as I possible can.

Picture from

This danish cooking show is my absolute favorite. The two brothers are so much fun and love good (read: butter filled) food.
For all of you that don't speak danish I know that their shows won't make much sense so you will just have to trust me.
But take a peak at the pictures and get inspired by the dishes they make.

A light snack from the brothers

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