About me

Hmm what to say about myself...
I am a foodie trying to cook healthy delicious food and struggling to document the process - photography is really hard!
I am in my late twenties, I am from Denmark but at the moment me and my husband are stationed in CT on a 2 year contract.
This move changed our lives in many many ways - as you can read in some of the early post I was quite a bit homesick in the beginning and had a hard time adjusting to the american groceries, tastes and prices. I didn't mean to sound bitter, but that is just so easy when you are ripped out of you old life and int a new - so my apologies to any offended americans out there!
I didn't have to work and all of this new free time really gave me the opportunity to rethink the way I eat, cooked and lived.
I always thought that I lived a healthy life, but a yo-yo weight, mood swings and fitness level around zero begged to differ.
So, with the full support from my fitness crazy husband, I jumped into a lifestyle change. Down the line I decided to blog about the new style of recipes here on my blog and hope someone else out there will get inspired to take the plunge into a healthier way of life.
I hope that you will leave a comment, advice or your opinion. I am always open to new ways of thinking and a new idea or recipe.
Thank for stopping buy!

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